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During the commercial, she would say in her best critical grandma voice "Where's the beef? If you are talking about axle shafts, then the answer is the new Alloy USA 30 spline outer shafts.If you are looking for some "real beef" for your Dana axle, then a pair of 4340 chromoly dual heat-treated inner shafts and the new 30 spline outer shafts is just what the doctor ordered.Just to be sure, I got out my marking pen and counted off 3 groups of ten splines on the new outer shafts.OK, I'm convinced now that they really are 30 spline shafts.Set the parking brake and leave it in gear (or Park).Ron Stobaugh, who was the driving force behind Alloy USA, has parted ways with them and started a new company, Ten Factory. Were I in the market for new shafts, I would be contacting them for my needs.

Since the stock unit bearings that come on our TJs are setup for 27 spline shafts, your new shafts require new unit bearings. My buddy, Brad W, stopped by over the weekend for the installation in his Rubicon.I told him he had to let me take some photos and help with the wrenching. Angel supervised Brad W as he put his Rubicon on the jack stands.In return for this, I also told him that lunch was on him. Remember folks, BE CAREFUL when doing projects like this.Cinder blocks and such are NOT suitable for holding the front end of your Jeep while you work on it..... Use jack stands with an adequate load rating to support your vehicle.NOTE: Since this article was written a number of years ago, Alloy USA has undergone some changes.

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