Office manager dating patients

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The Risk: Patient confidentiality breaches pose a significant risk in all healthcare settings.

HIPAA and New York State laws govern your obligation to maintain the confidentiality of protected health information (PHI).

Recommendations: The Risk: A missed or cancelled appointment, and the failure to follow-up with or contact the patient, may result in a serious delay in diagnosis or treatment.

Staff and providers must be aware that routine office practices, including telephone contact, verbal discussions, and computer use inherently carry the risk of patient confidentiality breaches.

Recommendations: The Risk: The receipt and review of test results are important aspects of care and impact patient safety.

Risk Management Tips provide guidance to support our physicians and facilities in their ongoing efforts to improve the quality of patient care and reduce liability exposure in the practice of medicine.

Please contact MLMIC’s Risk Management Department at (800) 275-6564, weekdays AM – PM, or click here for guidance regarding your specific situation.

Harm may result from known risks, adverse and allergic reactions, drug interactions, or errors in prescribing.

Recommendations: The Risk: Many procedures are performed in the office setting using physician-owned or leased equipment.

Tests may not have been completed or results may be lost, overlooked, or not received, leading to potential delay in diagnosis and subsequent liability exposure.

Follow-up procedures are an integral part of providing healthcare and are important in assuring that patients obtain the necessary testing, as ordered, and that results are received, reviewed, and properly addressed.

Recommendations: The Risk: Medication errors are responsible for a significant portion of medical liability claims.

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