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Do I need to do anything specific before getting STD tested?

Considering that most of these diseases do not present any signs or symptoms, you or your partner might be infected and not even know it before the later phases of the condition advances, which might lead to severe and deadly problems. Most of your l test results will come back within 24 hours.

By sending you to directly to the laboratories, you are going to get your results back considerably faster than going to a doctor.

Getting tested through your doctor or at the state or county facility requires you to provide information that is personal and your testing will end up a part of your permanent medical record.

Privacy is among the most important benefits of private STD testing.

Of course, if you would like to obtain an electronic copy of your testing to share with a partner, we're also happy to provide that to you.

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When you get private STD testing through us, YOU and only YOU know the results of your test or even the fact that you were screened at all.

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