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Newdatingventures com

returns for an new season on April 15, and the fresh episodes bring around new hookups — and break ups.

The Season 4 teaser has Jenna and Matty (Beau Mirchoff) waking up sans clothing in bed together, but that’s nothing compared to the naked truth we got out of Jillian Rose Reed!

It sounds like Jakara has some steamy problems to work through, such as Jake dumping Tamara in the season promo, but as if that’s not enough, it’s also senior year. “I think both characters are going through a lot senior year, figuring out what they want their last year as high school students to be,” says Jillian whose character Tamara is class president this year.

“She loves being president so I think she’s thriving in senior year.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t crazy though — she definitely is.” So crazy that she ends up cat-fishing Jake when he cuts ties with her!

When Jake shocks Tamara, dropping the “I want to break up” bombshell, she logs online to play games with his “new” dating mates.

The last time I went on a date with an age gap, I was a sophomore in college. Looking back at this conversation with my bar guest, this was probably an attempt to flirt, but we were so deep into this conversation about immature men that I disregarded the fact that he might have been referring to himself. Maybe the next 30-something I go out with will make me feel extremely 23. Dating is weird and exhausting on so many levels, but you’re only making the process worse if you stick with what you know.Blissfully unaware of decent vodkas, 401ks, and the tackiness of my fake Long Champ. Like, I know the twenty-somethings I’ve “dated” here are kind of the worst.Matty also has a new girl on his arm and Jenna is not happy about it.“There’s a lot going on with the two of them this season,” Jillian admits of Jenna and Matty. Omg he was legally able to drink when I just got my period for the first time!!!! The date was OK, but my anxiety about the age difference trumped any attraction I felt towards him. I’ve upgraded to Tito’s, still don’t totally understand how a 401k works, and “You need to start dating older men,” he told me. The big kahuna move from left to right on my Tinder age preference scale. Not totally sure where the anxiety about dating them stemmed from.

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We talked about politics, jobs, and other “adult like” things. We were just two single people who enjoyed each other’s company. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a career set in place, or maybe it’s because I don’t match my socks (probs will never do that tbh).