Netflix instant queue not updating

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Netflix instant queue not updating

Basically, the more films you rate, the more you're likely to enjoy a Netflix recommendation.

If you constantly find yourself frustrated that there's nothing on Netflix, take a half hour or so and knock out a few hundred ratings on the "Taste Profile" section of the site, and make sure you've filled in your genre preferences, too.

And while there's little you can personally do to improve Netflix's catalogue (unless you are the President of HBO, in which case: We need to talk) these tips and tricks can enhance your experience and the quality of the films that get delivered to your eyeballs.

These little tidbits may not bring "The Wire" to your Instant Queue (and believe me, there's no headline I would love to write more than "OMAR'S COMIN' -- TO NETFLIX!

Finally, if Netflix persists in recommending a title that you're just never going to watch -- for me, that would be "The Lincoln Lawyer" -- remember that you can click on the "Not Interested" button on any film's homepage and it will disappear from your recommendations page while simultaneously smartening up your future recs.

You're not being asked to rate that content for kicks, or so that you can later reminisce about how much you liked a certain film: Rather, Netflix has spent many years improving its recommendation engine, even offering a million prize for anyone who could up the accuracy of Netflix recommendations by 10 percent.At this point, the Netflix recommendation engine is pretty darn accurate -- it takes into account your own ratings as well as the viewing habits of those similar to you."), but they should help you get more bang for your eight bucks per month.So pause that episode of "Confessions: Animal Hoarding" and dive in: When you finish a show or movie on Netflix, the site requests that you give it between one and five stars, based on how much you enjoyed it.For many Internet commenters and desk-chair pundits, there is no more enjoyable pastime than ripping both the selection of Netflix's streaming library and the amount it costs to access that library each month.

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If there were an Internet Olympics, "Complaining About Netflix" would doubtless be a marquee event, along with "Slap-Fighting Over Apple And Android," "Mocking Research-In-Motion" and "Threatening To Quit Facebook After A Redesign."We've put together this small Netflix guide -- for Olympian Netflix Bellyachers and otherwise -- to help you get the most out of your Netflix, to really suck the marrow out of the bone of your subscription.

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