Ms word cross references not updating

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Ms word cross references not updating

Or, on the Home tab, click Select and choose Select All.NOTE: You must be using automated caption numbering, Word’s heading styles (mostly), and automated cross-references (x-refs) for these steps to work.The paragraph number often won't update to the new number at all, or sometimes goes to '0'.Word won't update cross-referenced numbers automatically, but you don't need to recreate each one individually.Cross-references in Word 20 create links in your text to captions and notes elsewhere in the document, such as captions on figures and tables, and footnotes and endnotes.I'm seeing persistent (though intermitent) problems when using cross references in Word 2007.Typically I create cross references to a numbered item (usually a numbered Heading 2 or Heading 3), with a reference to the paragraph number and a reference to the text. Then, if I add new numbered items to the list and then try to update the cross reference, I run into problems.

If you have a document with several sections and automated table/figure captions and x-refs to these, you might wonder how you can update these numbers etc.

to reflect any changes you make, such as inserting new tables/figures/sections, or moving existing ones to other places in the document, or deleting some of them.

To update all the references in a file, select the whole document and use the Update Field option.

Click anywhere in the main body of your document and press Ctrl-A to select the entire document.

It’s actually very easy to do, so here’s how: Once you’ve updated the caption numbering and the x-refs, you may need to update the automated Table of Contents (TOC), List of Tables (LOT), and List of Figures (LOF) too.

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