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Training Organization To be eligible for the Ski Mountaineering Instructor course, the candidate will need to have done the General Theory Course (GTC).Ten days of technical and pedagogical training are organized for teaching skills in alpine skiing and avalanche terrain.Formative evaluation: the candidate is assessed during the training based on his interest to the activity 2.Lesson plan: the candidate is assessed on his lesson plan he will have to create during the training 3.Careful chemical analyses published in peer-reviewed journals concluded that original tissues—most often protein that had not mineralized—came from the buried animals' carcasses.Certification Privileges Successful completion of this course certifies the participant for teaching individuals or groups in recreational backcountry skiing activities involving autonomous travel on glaciated terrain.Criteria for admission and required technical level Age: 18 years old GTC: Have completed the General Theory Course (GTC) Additional training Have completed the Four Seasons Survival training and the Navigation training AST 2: Have completed the Avalanche Skills Training level 2 from the Canadian Avalanche Centre Experience: At least two season of recreational backcountry skiing Gear: Have your own gear and know how to use it Assessment Exam: Has passed the assessment exam (skinning uphill, track setting, pacing, transitions, skiing techniques on different snowpack, roped travel, anchor placement on snow and ice, glacier travel, alpine and crevasse rescue, decision making) Technical level: The candidate must be able to conduct the different steps of a ski trip in avalanche terrain according to the ENEQ/UIAA standards and demonstrate a good understanding of the skills needed for decisions making, track setting, pacing, risk management, glacier travel, roped travel, crevasse rescue, anchors, transitions, downhill techniques in various snowpack, navigation and leadership.

The certification is designed for people wishing to teach autonomous backcountry skiing, where skills for ski touring and ski mountaineering are needed.This certification is not specific to a particular site; its holder will be allowed to work at any site.Master the following techniques – Skiing technique in various snowpack – Track setting and pacing – Roped travel – Rope ascent on free rope – Rope ascent on loaded rope – Glacier travel – Crevasse rescue techniques – Anchors on rock, snow and ice – Transitions – Navigation These techniques must be mastered in order to teach them. You must know at least on method per requested technique and realize it according to the minimum ENEQ/UIAA safety standard.Training Assessment The assessment is based on four criteria: 1.A technical exam is organized prior to the training in order to assess and verify the technical level and knowledge of the candidates.

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Those who do not meet the requirements will not be allowed to participate in the course.

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