Moms dating a vampire disney movie

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Disney Channel has a knack for holiday-themed movies, and the Halloween season was my absolute favorite.There was a chill in the air, a scent in the trees, a change in the atmosphere that oozed the feeling of Halloween, and I knew that the start of October meant the start of Hauntoberfest.

After re-watching the film the other day, I still enjoyed it. The special effects are minimal and the last battle scene between vampire and family was not as grand, as epic, or as scary as I used to think it was.

Still, the movie has so much heart what with true love breaking a vampire’s trance and important values interweaved throughout the film’s plot.

Single mother Lynette Hansen has grounded her two teenage kids for the weekend, and in a plot to sneak out, they set her up with a date that turns out to be a blood-sucking vampire.

The film stars Caroline Rhea ( and I remember loving how perfectly the film’s premiere coincided with this haunted date.

I remember thinking that this movie was so scary and so thrilling, especially with middle child, Adam (Matt O’ Leary), leading the chase.

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He’s the monster expert and knew what to do based off of his vampire film repertoire.

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