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The two main categories of V&V are static testing and dynamic testing.

In this lesson we will learn about software validation and verification, an aspect of project management in which requirements and processes of new software are analyzed to verify that the product meets certain specifications and functions correctly. A county library staff currently records all library transactions on a hand-written ledger - everything from lending materials to recording fine payments.

This early stage in the software development process is known as the software requirements specification (SRS) stage.An SRS document is a plan for what the software will do and how it will do it.Software validation and verification (V&V) occurs once the first version of the software is developed.There are many different levels of testing completed to make sure that the software was designed according to specifications, performs as expected and has no logic or other errors when it is run.The plan analyzes in detail what the functions of the software would be, how it would interact with existing systems and what the user interfaces would look like.

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For example, the head librarian requests that the new software provide a user-friendly interface with a large font so that searching the library catalog is quick and the results are easy to read.