Mbc dating foreigners video

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Mbc dating foreigners video

This video is a parody of the ridiculous, offensive video “The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners” which aired on South Korea’s MBC TV network in May 2012.Click here to see the original video with English subtitles.MBC, the Korean Culture Broadcasting Corporation, has broadcast a program revealing the shocking reality for unfortunate Korean women who have relationships with foreigners under the title "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners".The program focuses on a number of women who have had bad experiences with these shocking foreigners.In one interview, one woman who was conned into sleeping with a foreigner says she became pregnant, contracted HIV and even had to start drinking at unbranded coffee shops.

In one area of Seoul mixed couples can be found walking all over the streets with daring intimacy.There are so many it can even be hard to get through them quickly to the nearby Korean massage parlors and hostess bars.Statistics from the Ministry of Health showed that last week alone over 200 women who aren't dating foreigners were admitted to hospital with bruising and facial lacerations all because of the hurtful bad comments these foreigners made.In a bar that is popular with Korean women, program makers witnessed many mixed couples being physically affectionate, making onlookers uncomfortable with their 'skinship'.According to MBC, some Korean women are trying to date with foreign men frequently to use them to learn English, but it is believed that foreign men are not trying to use Korean women to learn English, but instead have another, perhaps manipulative motive.

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Foreign men also make bad comments about these women and then other innocent Korean women suffer a lot from that.

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