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Marocco man dating site

Authorization to marry should be granted after the court completes administrative processing.The length of time required for this process varies.

Internet Romance and Marriage Fraud Many Americans befriend Moroccans through Internet dating and social networking sites and these relationships often lead to marriage or engagement.

While many of the marriages between Americans and Moroccans are successful, the U. Consulate General in Casablanca warns against marriage fraud.

Marriage in Morocco This document is intended only as a guide to marriage in Morocco. In general, the process is less complicated for a Moslem man who wishes to marry a non-Moslem woman. The Consular Section cannot take your fingerprints and the Moroccan authorities will only fingerprint individuals who are resident to Morocco (holders of a carte de séjour).

Requirements may vary according to local authorities and are subject to change. The marriage process is handled by the Government of Morocco. If you already have your fingerprints and wish to submit the criminal background check by mail, you will need: Please send your documents and the required fee to the FBI at the following address: FBI, CJIS Division SCU – MOD, D-21000 Cluster Hollow Road Clarksburg, WV 26306 The FBI will send your record in approximately 8 to 10 weeks.

It is not uncommon for foreign nationals to enter into marriages with Americans solely for immigration purposes.

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Relationships developed via correspondence, particularly those begun on the Internet, are especially susceptible to manipulation. In some cases, the new American or permanent resident then remarries a wife he divorced before, around the same time as entering into a relationship with a sponsoring American citizen.

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