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The problem is, it comes with some very significant consequences. Bachmann’s political views or not, the facts show that she was closer to the truth in her remarks on HPV’s safety than her critics.There’s a woman who came up crying to me tonight after the debate. She told me her daughter suffered mental retardation as a result of that vaccine. It’s not good enough to take, quote, “a mulligan” where you want a do-over, not when you have little children’s lives at risk.[1] Michele Bachmann was ferociously criticized last week for making presumably unfounded statements about injuries caused by the human papillomavirus (“HPV”) vaccine. While her claims may have missed the mark and utilized imprecise terms, perhaps the claim that vaccines can cause “mental retardation” is not so irresponsible, after careful examination.There have been thousands of reports of adverse events associated with the HPV vaccine.While there is no evidence that the HPV vaccine causes “mental retardation” there is evidence that it causes neurological problems, brain injury and associated cognitive problems.[2] There is evidence, as we document below, that vaccines can and do cause “mental retardation.” The Federal government has itself acknowledged that vaccines can, in some cases, cause “mental retardation.” The firestorm of rebuke against Rep.Pundits have failed to note that there was concern at the outset regarding the CDC’s recommendation favoring the vaccine, because of concerns about safety, which have never been adequately evaluated.Even one of the scientists who helped develop the vaccine, Diane Harper, then of Dartmouth University, issued some startling caveats about the safety of the HPV vaccine due to concerns about adverse events associated with the vaccine.[7] Rep.

Bachmann referred to an HPV vaccine causing “mental retardation,” a very unlikely event since HPV vaccines are recommended for girls 9 years of age and older.“Mental retardation” is not a condition that is likely to occur in an individual who has reached an advanced age without previous evidence of cognitive or learning problems.Rick Perry who signed a law mandating the vaccine for teenage girls, without acknowledging serious questions about the vaccine’s safety.There have been thousands of adverse event reports regarding Gardasil over the four years since the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice of the CDC recommended[5] the vaccine for girls age 9 and up.[6] As of June 22, 2011 there have been a total 68 VAERS reports of death among those who have received Gardasil.[3] The crescendo of challenges reached a zenith when Arthur Caplan, Professor of Bioethics at University of Pennsylvania, in a most novel method of advancing presumed medical ethical precepts, offered a ,000 contribution to a charity of Rep.

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