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The episode opens with Steven and Connie taking selfies. Steven eagerly runs to meet him and introduces Connie.Connie says she wants to take a selfie with the ocean view behind them. Jamie explains that he was in Kansas, trying to become an actor, but returned because he missed being a mailman.Drag and drop the singles in your preferred order from most to least attractive! Multiple sequential votes: for example "Where should they go on their date?

The person or couple with least 'save' votes or most 'evict' votes will leave.This option will be likely to list all, or a selection of, eligible inhabitants of Love Island, allowing the user to select more than one or a specific number to participate in a trip or challenge.Pick up to a certain number, or simply one from each of two groups, for example, 'Boys' vs 'Girls'. Steven and Connie open his many new boxes of Sea Pals.Jamie is shocked that she could dive to the bottom, and Garnet simply replies that it is easy.

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As she shrugs off the seawater, Jamie watches in infatuated awe.