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Justin was spotted vacationing with Hailey in January, during the New Year’s holiday.

Both young celebs posted multiple pictures of themselves together on Instagram, spurring the dating rumors.

Bieber has had more than his fair share of dating scandals.

Is it possible that Justin and Hailey are just hooking up for the cameras?

Based on the PDA pictures and other photos of Hailey and Justin looking very cuddled up and in love, it seems like they wanted to start the dating rumors.

Just weeks before, Justin was spotted hanging out with Selena Gomez.

There has been talk that Hailey wants more but that Bieber does not. Bieber is living the life right now and is on tour and getting plenty of attention from women all over the world.

Apparently, in Hailey Baldwin’s world, friends kiss each other, then take pictures of their make-out sessions and share them with the world via Instagram. Bieber and Hailey love each other but have a good understanding where they both stand at the moment.” Justin Bieber has even talked about his relationship (or lack thereof) with Hailey Baldwin in a recent interview with Have Hailey and Justin ever been exclusive?

Barts with Bieber earlier this year claims that she isn’t dating anyone. “Bieber and Hailey are still close friends, but he is on tour and extremely busy now, so they have not seen each other that much.

Bieber serenaded his ex-girlfriend in a Beverly Hills hotel bar before he was seen walking with her, looking deep in conversation.

Just days after that, fans found out that Bieber had been secretly hooking up with the much older Kourtney Kardashian.

“The thing is, I live a very public life and I have to keep things personal or else I have no personal life. I am very open on social media, but that’s why I don’t like to talk about certain things,” Hailey told . And I like to think my relationships are not between me the person and the whole entire world. I don’t think people are really able to understand if they’re not in that position.” Baldwin didn’t seem to want to discuss the status of her relationship with Justin Bieber, claiming that his issue of was being released the following day and that anyone interested in what she is doing with Bieber can just read it.

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It sounds like Hailey Baldwin is getting tired of the Bieber dating rumors.

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