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Java text chat naughty

About once a week, our server stops responding entirely and is unable to serve even static pages.After restarting the service, everything works again for another few days or so.Looking through the logs reveals hardly any uncaught exceptions, so I'm not sure what would be causing tomcat to crash.Nothing remarkable is listed in the error logs before the server quits responding, sadly.We are also considering switching to JBoss, as it is a bit more "enterprisey", but I'm not convinced it will solve these problems.Is there any compelling reason to switch web platforms, or should I debug further within our own webapps?

At any rate, I suspect that these applications are also hurting tomcat's overall stability.It may be that all of the pooled threads are stuck somewhere, such as waiting for the database drive or in a deadlock.Also, is it possible for the webapp to crash the application server by doing something bad?Server config: Windows 2003 Server, Tomcat 6.0.18 + blaze DS 3.0, Hibernate 3.2.My advice, there is no tomcat process left because they're all stuck waiting for a resource (maybe a database connection, or they're just an infinite loop! The tools I listed before will definitely help you understand why your server is dying slowly every week.

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If serving the static pages does not require any database access, then it seems unlikely that it is a database resource issue as such.

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