Jane austen dating rules

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Jane austen dating rules

Hat tip to reader Ex New Yorker here, who recently amazed me by quoting Persuasion. That’s an astonishing accomplishment for a woman who died a virgin at 41. Delay sex until you feel sure that he is interested in all aspects of your personality.

Lauren Henderson, a novelist who attended Cambridge University in England and wrote her dissertation on the courtship rituals in Jane Austen, has gathered JA’s wisdom, and added some of her own, into and other bad dating advice. is a great read, with lots of practical and sensible advice, and some pretty interesting case studies too, from both the novels and from modern day America. In the meantime, here are my Cliff Notes: Let the attraction grow naturally. • Tags: advice, attraction, chase, dating, desperation, Elizabeth Bennett, Emma, flirt, friendship, guy, guys, heart, honest, humor, Jane Austen, love, Mr.

Hmmm….maybe I should just have entitled it Colin Firth as Mr. Either way, it’s still full of some of the best dating and relationship advice I’ve ever come across.

The fact that it all comes out of the head of a woman who may not have ever been kissed is quite remarkable. Jane Austen understood everything about the human heart.

When it comes to getting a man, nobody does it better than Austen’s leading ladies.

I recently set up online dating profiles for Austen’s main characters to try and learn some of their wily ways, and, sure enough, I got a marriage proposal within a fortnight.

So the next time someone tries to claim her books are outdated and old fashioned, you can prove them severely wrong.

After nearly driving away the love of her life with her crazy manipulations, she decided that a dose of JA’s common sense was in order.

I’m traveling today, so I’m bringing you an older post that many of my newer readers will have missed.I originally called it Dating Advice From a Dead Virgin, and it didn’t generate a lot of traffic.I have never managed to pull that off in real life.Obviously, Jane Austen knows what she’s talking about when it comes to dating, and her advice for falling in love online is pretty bulletproof.It turns out there’s also a lot to be learned from Austen about the modern world of online dating, if you know where to look.

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Sure, she never actually tried it — but that didn’t stop her from dropping some serious truth bombs about Tinder and Ok Cupid, when we stupidly thought she was just talking about ball gowns and rich people.