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Iphone video sex

Despite a few teething problems, Apple's i OS 9 software update touched down this week.

And although all the headlines were about the better battery life and upgraded Siri - there are a few more features in i OS 9 that Apple didn't tell us about.

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One of the subtler changes in i OS 9 is the addition of a new selfie folder, which neatly collects all the pictures snapped with the front-facing camera.

A set of tools will appear and you can annotate your image with doodles or extra text.

Using the pinch-to-zoom feature isn't just limited to pictures in i OS 9, you can use it on video clips as well.

Using your i Phone, you can now track when and how often you have sex.

It's part of i OS 9's health tracking capabilities and lurking inside the menus devoted to health data is an option for "Sexual Activity".

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