Internet dating sux

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Sadly this is hard to avoid if you put are putting yourself out there like you need to, so you need to have a plan to minimise the pain in dealing with these types of people.

With everyone you contact and meet, pay close attention to how they treat you.

My inbox is flooded with messages like "Can I suck a cucumber out of your butt?

One of the main things that sucks about online dating is that by opening yourself up to new and different types of people, you are also putting yourself at risk of meeting people who are toxic and just generally bad for the soul.

Perhaps they are people who are only dating to feed their ego or perhaps they are already in a steady relationship or maybe they are emotionally immature etc.

I mean I met my boyfriend of six years on Guardian Soulmates and I’ve since forged a unique business helping people find love online. However, just because it sucks doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying or that it’s not going to work for you.

In fact, I truly believe everyone can find love online. Here are the five main reasons online dating sucks and what you can do about it to kick-start your love life.

The account Online Dating Sucks has accrued 18,000 followers thanks to its collection of cringe-inducing snippets of conversation.

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