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This is going to last forever.” That’s what that song was saying. It was heading that way after Ringmaster, and it was looking that way during Riddle Box, but after Riddle Box, and during the making of The Great Milenko, it was here, it was here. I remember touring off Riddle Box before we did The Great Milenko, I remember getting in a camper, we got into a RV and we painted it black. ” And that was the making of “Down With The Clown.” AVC: Why do you think it took off in the Midwest in particular? So if you’re telling your stories in your rap like, “I ran across the front lawn,” or, “I kicked his ass on the front lawn,” little things like that, “I pulled up in a driveway,” just words you use and shit, it just is Midwest. When Ol’ Dirty Bastard laid his rap, his rap was like he didn’t even listen to what we said at all. And then we had to redo the whole hook so that it matched “Bitches,” cause that’s really what the song was about. It was actually a take-off of a Bob Dylan song [“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”].We put the giant Riddle Box stickers on the side of it. These are Juggalos.” It was all making sense, and we actually had fans outside of Michigan. This Dark Carnival movement, this was born in the Midwest. I think the kids that could relate most to it were also kids who lived in that same area first. [Laughs.] It was like he went somewhere totally different. Beck lifted a riff from Bob Dylan, and we lifted the riff from Beck. It was a certain way he was singing it, and a certain way the guitar was playing, and I loved that Beck song.The Musician: When a pair of high-school dropouts calling themselves Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope began putting on clown makeup and performing horrorcore in the early ’90s, few pegged the Detroit duo for longevity. ), sold more than 6 million albums, branched out into running its own wrestling league, and will soon throw its 12th annual Gathering Of The Juggalos fan festival, which runs August 11-14 at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois.

We went to Madison, Wisconsin, and there was about 60 Juggalos there. I remember the TV in the RV could get a static-y version of The Box, and we were sitting in our RV using it as a dressing room, and we could see “Chicken Huntin’” being played on The Box in St. And they were small, but they were there, and it was a Juggalo nation. This was born in Midwestern suburban neighborhoods. Even though now we’re doing great in New York City, but I think it’s more-or-less Long Island where everyone’s coming from, where they have front lawns. If you’re in a region that doesn’t have Faygo, the reference is not going to mean anything to you. I wanted to remake it and rewrite it Wicked Clown style, so that’s what we did. Juggalos, when they hear that, they can’t believe it, but I like Beyoncé and shit. It’s evident by a lot of our music, because a lot of our music can only be described as pop, besides the cussing and the crazy lyrics and the crazy topics. That was another case of a song talking about how important homies are.We had never even heard of Madison, Wisconsin, but there was 60 Juggalos there. This is when Riddle Box was out, this was when they had something called The Box, and we had our video “Chicken Huntin’” playing on The Box, and there were 60 Juggalos. Louis, we played a place called Hi-Pointe, and there was the same thing. So when we hit the studio to do The Great Milenko, and especially when we were signed to Disney at that point, Hollywood Records, we knew a Juggalo nation had been born. VJ: Absolutely, just the way the stories are told, and the way our lingo goes, and the things we were saying and the jokes we’re telling, it all related to people who were living similar lives. For example, California West Coast rap, when they’re talking about 6-4s, if 6-4 Impalas aren’t in style in your neighborhood, maybe it took a little while for that to catch on elsewhere. “Bitches” (from 2001’s Big Money Hustlas) VJ: “Bitches? We felt like, “Oh man, we have to clear it with Beck,” and it turned out he had to clear it himself. At the time we were talking about, just because they’re not blood doesn’t mean they’re not important.So by the time we did the fourth Joker’s Card, The Great Milenko, it was evident that something was going on. That’s why on that album we have the song “What Is A Juggalo?” and “Down With The Clown,” because after Riddle Box came out, our third Joker’s Card, then it was really apparent what was happening.Even the name “Juggalo” wasn’t solid until sometime between Ringmaster and Riddle Box. We knew Snoop Dogg’s touring agent, and we contacted them, and we asked them, “Could we get Snoop Dogg? We had this band that our producer Mike Clark knew, the ska band, they played the go-to-commercial and come-back-from-commercial music.

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It was still up in the air on the release of Riddle Box, but after Riddle Box came out, it was here, it was official, it was very real. That’s how it was formed, because I don’t even know if Ol’ Dirty Bastard even listened to our verse. He performed on like, 40 percent of the song, from the top of the song to the end of his verse, and then he didn’t say anything else. ” and I believe he was on No Limit Records at that point, and he didn’t want to go through the label at the time. Just like every show has a sit-in band, it plays the music when you go to commercial break.