Indian dating in us

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Each person will define “Indian dating” differently, but there are some things to consider when seeking a relationship with someone from India.

Indian Dating: Tradition and Family Indian culture is rich in tradition, with family life highly valued.

If you’re not Indian and your date is, celebratory social occasions and family events will likely become part of your life.

Ask questions and show both enthusiasm and respect for these new experiences, understanding that some family members may be cautious about immediately embracing an “outsider,” especially if the expectation is that your significant other will marry an Indian.

While some Indian men will be quite progressive in their view of women’s roles in relationships, some are still quite traditional.

Clearly communicate what you need and expect from a relationship early on.

Share your heritage and family traditions with your date, too.

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Determine if your lifestyles and values are compatible. If you’re both Indian, don’t take tradition for granted. ) Be sure to talk about what being Indian means to you in practical, everyday terms.

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