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Impulsedating com

Elizabeth Shore was the first person I’d met at my very first romance conference in New Jersey.She loved the idea, had a great blog voice, and her enthusiasm propelled us forward. We are not a review blog, though we offer them from time to time.In September of 2012 we took off, launching the blog, each of us writing two blog posts a week. Mostly we delve into our obsessions with romance and what’s sexy.We talk about pop culture as much as what’s going on in the world of romance books.LIZ EVERLY: So, one day, Madeline and I were talking about stories we wanted to write.I had this idea for a vampire story that kept gnawing at me.Edging towards horror, but without the blood splatter on the wall.MADELINE IVA: I was sort of shocked that our ideas fit so well together.

MADELINE IVA: We found another kindred spirit in C.Margery Kempe and soon enough we were headed towards spring, closing in on our first year and that magic number: 10,000 followers. I hadn’t published yet, and really really wanted to join a group blog. I didn’t want to join anything skeezy, and I didn’t want to join your average romance blog that looked down on erotic romance. I talk with Liz Every almost every day and I kept talking to her about this name, trying to convince her to start the blog with me.We began looking for a third person to join us in starting a blog.MADELINE IVA: It was about a vampire that came through your computer. I loved the idea, and strived to come up with my own one word pitch. LIZ EVERLY: She had an idea for a sexsomniac story, so I said to Madeline, “We should do an anthology” and she said “Great idea. ” MADELINE IVA: I thought that the anthology could be our way of celebrating our one year anniversary. Since I have tons of experience putting together book proposals, I was elected to pull it together; Madeline helped.

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And I was pleased that my agent, Sharon Bowers, decided to represent us.

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