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Im not interested in dating

I feel like I’m so used to hearing about being single in terms of a problem that needs fixing, a personal failure or just a transitory period, without so much of the ‘’relationships aren’t for everyone, and that’s cool too.’’ (Possibly doesn’t help that I’m female and like cats, which is another stereotype that annoys the hell out of me.) Also, any advice on how I could convince people that it’s not a problem would be appreciated.

I think partly because of this, I have trouble comforting/offering advice to single friends who want relationships.

I don’t want to sound dismissive and say something like ‘’but really, you don’t need to be with someone’’, but also don’t want to fall back on determinist cliches of the ‘’it’ll happen for you eventually if you want it to!

’’ sort, and because I have no first-hand experience of seeking relationships, I can’t offer up anything in that score.

Dear Cool Cat Lady: In answer to your first question, it is totally cool to not be obsessed with finding a romantic or sexual other.

Basically, I suppose I’d like some reassurance that this is ok.

If it gets to be a bummer, think about the way the narratives & expectations have changed throughout history.

If you jump back a few centuries, there was an extensive infrastructure and support in the cultural narrative for European men & women who didn’t want to take the gamble that their families would marry them off to someone non-repulsive.

My advice for convincing other people of the coolness of your disinterest in all things romantic is to put zero effort into convincing other people.

I’m not comfortable at the moment categorising myself as asexual/aromantic, although maybe at some point in the future if I find it’s convenient.

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Essentially I’m happy with the ‘’it happens if it happens’’ mentality, but would also be happy if it never happened.