How to troll on a dating website comic dating site

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How to troll on a dating website

This is why making an appointment with Reverend Jen, the troll museum’s proprietor, is a must.

Not only will Rev Jen allow you access to the psychedelic realm that awaits within, she will also ensure that you come away understanding that trolls are much more multi-faceted beings than you think.

Rev Jen keeps quite a diverse bestiary in the troll museum. “I don’t know how, someone knew to send this guy to me at work at the LES Tenement Museum,” she tells us, “He came with this liquor bottle and a note saying he’d been traveling here and there, only to make his way to me here.” She shows us a miniature well-worn photograph of the Lone Ranger, probably somewhere in Vegas. Of course, there were many, many more tales to tell.

However, the trolls were not just varied in their attire. Of course, the terrified family puts it up on Amazon, where it makes its way to me.” She shrugs, “I dunno, he could have caused the steam pipe explosion.” Maybe I should’ve asked before taking pictures.If you find yourself standing before the Lower East Side’s Troll Museum, you might find yourself feeling bewildered, maybe even a little cheated.There is definitely little to indicate its presence in a nondescript apartment building on the Lower East Side.Without any prompting, Rev Jen launched into the hidden tales I was getting increasingly anxious to unveil. I got her when I was 9,” she said as she picked up a large troll in a yellow dress with a sequined headband adorning her orange hair.“Her hair got a little messed up in the steam explosion, so we had a little hairdressing party and I made her this headband.” Not that I’d seen Ariana in the pre-explosion days, but I personally thought the sequined headband was the highlight of her festive getup.

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