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Dana Warrior, wife of the late WWE legend The Ultimate Warrior (aka Jim Hellwig) recently took to the Warrior Facebook Page to slam Hulk Hogan for some comments that he made on the passing of the Ultimate Warrior (previously reported by here).

“I’ve been really quiet since the passing of my husband and the father of my girls,” Dana Warrior said.

While it’s not clear what part of the Hulkster’s comments Dana was upset about, here’s what Hogan had to say in its entirety.

Now on the surface, this doesn’t seem too inflammatory, but let’s break it down for a minute.

Any time he talks about being apologetic or “making amends,” he discusses his own part in the conflict as “whatever I did” instead of taking ownership of it.

It’s pretty clear from watching the video that Hulk Hogan’s “apology” is the equivalent of when you hear a celebrity or politician say something stupid and then issue an apology wherein they “regret their words were misinterpreted.” In other words, it doesn’t feel genuine.

That being said, Hulk Hogan may not have reached out through call or card to the Ultimate Warrior family, but he did issue these tweets when news broke of Hellwig’s death on April 8.

“Someone sent me what Mr Bollea (Hulk Hogan) had to say in video interview with Grantland yesterday and I would just like to ask him to stop.” Dana continued, “He is the only person in the WWE Universe who did not give a call or send a card.

My girls asked why he didn’t check on us like everyone else and I explained simply there isn’t a camera at our mailbox or in the house when we receive our calls….

I would ask respectfully Mr Bollea, for you to understand my girls hurt and just let some time pass before you say anything more.

[signed] Dana A Warrior” In the interview, Hogan shares how he was able to make amends to the Ultimate Warrior before he died shortly after Wrestle Mania 30 and the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony of which Hellwig was a part.

Hogan first discusses the Warrior saying “these crazy things” about himself [Hogan] and some other wrestlers.

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