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In the present paper we report on the dating of some cores from the Gotland Deep, part of the Gotland Basin, and the Gdansk Basin.

The Baltic Sea is also one of the most well-suited areas for multinational and multidisciplinary research because of the easy access even to the more remote areas and also because of the existence of well-equipped research institutes in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea.

For instance, the Gotland Basin Experiment (GOBEX) was conducted during the years 1994-95 (Hagen, 1996) and at present, a large EU project, the Baltic Sea System Study (BASYS) is conducted involving all the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, with project termination in mid 1999.An evaluation of the sedimentary history of selected depositional centers in the Baltic Sea, both on a centurymillenium time scale (C-14 dating) and on a more detailed scale covering the past 200 years, is required for such research.A major tool for the recent sediments is Pb-210 dating.Most dating efforts of recent Baltic Sea sediments in the past were conducted using alpha-spectrometry of the Pb-210 daughter Po-210, but during the past decade, direct non-destructive gamma-spectrometry of Pb-210 has become available and is increasingly being used in dating of marine sediment cores (e.g., Kunzendorf et al., 1996).A non-destructive gamma-spectrometric method was used to assay the sedimentation in the central Baltic Sea.

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