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Head shots for internet dating phoenix

on Sunday, March 12, 1978, his mind was on his 16-year-old sister Robbin. Chad jumped out of the car as his mom pulled into the...

Human remains found near Wittmann have been connected to an open Glendale homicide case, authorities say.

She had planned on helping Nicole install a printer in the home she and her roommate... It was just hours into the investigation of the killing of Phoenix psychologist Emmett Velten when detectives hit evidentiary pay dirt.

Santiago Bravo, 34, was killed in early February of this year.

Forensic testing confirmed that the bones found in an abandoned shed in the Whispering Ranch area are tied to an ongoing homicide...

A Phoenix mother is pleading for clues in the death of her son, whom she called a loving father and a caring brother.

It was just moments after Saldate had returned home from work that he went to answer the doorbell. If there is any good fortune for Rachel Glass to speak of on Dec.

3, 2010, it was her decision not to drop by her daughter Nicole’s house that afternoon.

Skeletal remains found by a rancher in northern Arizona may be tied to a 2013 Glendale murder in which a person of interest disappeared went missing three years ago, Coconino County officials said Tuesday. Four hours after his friend's funeral, Danny Thompson was found dead in the dirt along the side of a road in Tolleson. A recent DNA match led to an arrest in the 1982 murder of an 83-year-old Phoenix woman.

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Thompson's friend, Corey Cook, was murdered days earlier. Phoenix police arrested Larry Lee Robinson, 56, who has spent most almost 30 years in prison on burglary, theft and armed robbery charges. When 11-year-old Chad Burgette arrived home about 5 p.m.