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Grin lt bare dating game boomerang 2016 girl

GCPD Captain James Gordon: [after Batman brutally beats the Joker into submission] Any one of my guys would've killed him. Batman: You should've known trying to kill me WAS a waste of your time. Well, you won't have to worry about that anymore. Batman: [knocks him out] Gordon, got one for the Arkham ward. Killer Croc: Wait 'til Black Mask's assassins get through with you. When you've had time to turn grief into anger, then you will be ready to face me. GCPD Captain James Gordon: Sorry to, uh, interrupt. I was wondering if you could help me with something.

Batman: [hands Gordon back his gun] The city deserves better than that. Not unless someone else puts up fifty million bucks. Escaped Convict: [while trying hard not to laugh] Jingle bells...

[Batman lifts him and slams him against a pillar] The Joker: Fresh off the kill, and back for more, eh? [Joker's smile fades, and he checks his heart monitor, only to find Batman's words are true] The Joker: Now that's.

If we can contain this in time, it should be alright. GCPD Captain James Gordon: We've got some Blackgate escapees stirring up trouble in the city, and after tonight's events, I'm a little short staffed at the moment. GCPD Captain James Gordon: Well, that's what you do, right? Escaped Convict: When I get out, I'm comin' for ya, freak.

[punches him out] Batman: You just ran out of time.

Batman: [after defeating Firefly] You need a new hobby. Batman proceeds to get Gordon to safety] Barbara Gordon: Wait.

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Branden: [Branden and his squad arrive, armed to the teeth] Gordon, clear the line of fire! [Batman throws a smoke pellet, as Branden and his team fire. Bane: [after defeating Bane, who has suffered brain-damage due to the TN-1] I must find... [points gun] GCPD Captain James Gordon: But I still have to bring you in.

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