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And, granted, some of the interactive stuff can be fun (I’m on a hot list!

) even for those of us who grew up with a sock monkey — as opposed to a computer mouse — in our pudgy little fists.

Also, you owe some guy in Burbank three roses and there’s a virtual smell waiting for you in your inbox from somebody named Dirty Dirk.

It used to be so easy to peruse possibilities in your bathrobe, so why did they have to make it so complicated?

I was shopping online the other day, looking for a birthday gift for a friend, when I suddenly found myself on a popular dating site (or as I like to call it, “E-Boy”). Maybe I’ll pick up a little something for myself, too.

As a tool for meeting people quickly and efficiently, the online sites are hard to beat — or at least they used to be.

These days, they have so many flashy bells and whistles it’s hard to see the forest for the tease. A couple of years ago, all you had to do was upload a photo — preferably one without a potted palm coming out of your head — and type up some clever verbiage about who you were and what you were looking for. You log onto a site and a flashing icon tells you that you have Three New Crush Alerts!

Now I’ve tried online dating before and had mixed results: a handful of mildly pleasant misses, one real stinker (I still remember his snide “thanks for nothing!

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” post dinner, sans sex), and a pretty decent click that lasted several months.

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