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Obviously, there are different strokes and whatnot, but be easy with the expectations, yeah? Date your heart out, if that’s what floats your boat. I’m an introvert, so simply going out is exhausting.Compound that with the possibility of having to sustain conversation with a complete stranger and I’m ready to run for the hills just thinking about it.Don’t be apologetic about wanting what’s best for you. What you don’t want to be is stuck with someone who doesn’t want to be a part of your life, kid(s) and all. You will find someone who is absolutely OK with being a part of your world. So while that wasn’t exactly a wicked post, it’s a conversation we need to have.If you’re looking for a life partner, do not be ashamed to let your intentions be known once you’re comfortable to. Don’t ever settle for less because you’ve been bullied into lowering your standards simply because you’re a single mom. Dating as a single mother is very challenging, and often we’re boxed in because of fear or feelings of inadequacy.I feel that conversations about parenting and past partners should be reserved for when we’re a bit more familiar with each other.

The first is probably the most important for everyone to take note of: not all single moms are looking for a father for their child when dating. But these are things you shouldn’t even worry about on the first date.

I’ve met many interesting characters off social media, some have blossomed into great friendships, and the rest we won’t talk about…

Don’t ever feel guilty about taking time out to find love if it’s important to you.

Bella has the idea that she can always show how much she loves her husband by cooking him some delicious desserts!

However, I also know that Fed Ex will not deliver my future boo on my front doorstep on a random Monday morning, so it does help to be a bit more open.


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