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It’s a great medium for writers who like to perform, but aren’t necessarily actors, which is something my mother might contest to having had to raise a very dramatic child. You have to get up in front of strangers and tell/remember all the words to a very personal and true story.It’s even more nerve-wracking when you try to do The Moth, a monthly live storytelling event in multiple cities that’s also an NPR radio show.It’s so anxiety inducing because you basically have to come fully prepared to tell a five minute story on the selected topic, but you might not get to go. I had lied because I was 22 years old and lying to strangers in bars was fun.

The first time I tried to get up, I did, because you know beginners luck. This is the year to be the best version of yourself. Here are small, easy ways you can make yourself feel GREAT this year: Read more at The Gaggle......I have gone several times, since seeking that high I achieved the first time. The better you are for you, the better you’ll be for other people in your life. Don’t be one of those people who says they’re giving up on dating this year. EST) To listen online visit and click on " Listen Live".In the last couple years I have actively been trying to pursue storytelling.In fact, I came ready to spill my guts three times with no dice. After months of admiring from afar, Meg Ryan is finally united with Tom Hanks– the widow with a heart of gold– and his precocious son at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. Dating is rarely black and white so don’t go all or nothing on this aspect of your life.

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Even though I left feeling disappointed, I also felt a little relieved. This past Tuesday, I tried for the fourth time in a row, and finally got up for my second time, six months after the first. I’ll never forget the day I discovered that the last scene in Sleepless in Seattle was filmed on a sound stage. Watching that scene is basically the best thing that can happen to your insides. ” He asked gesturing his beer bottle between my best friend and I. Just make some New Year’s resolutions to do it better this year than last.