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And I made some friends who also drew furries, and we would draw things to show off to each other and I'm pretty sure that gave me more of a start with my artwork than anything else.I wouldn't say I am a furry anymore as I don't even really think about it enough to make the term applicable, but I enjoy drawing them occasionally. It's a little easier to play with expressions on an animal face than on a human one without accidentally going all Uncanny Valley. Tracy Butler's perfectly capable of drawing wonderfully expressive human faces, but that comic would just not feel the same if they weren't all insane cats.

who else here is a furry and did anyone else go to AC 2011? I love the art (which is 90% kinky, hot porn), love to roleplay, and love to hang with fellow furry friends.Then I found out they were a thing, and there was a community around it, and I thought, hey, neat!It gave me some semblance of social interaction in middle school.I was also surprised at how many gay furries were being openly affectionate with each other in the venue and how accepted they were. Only fat furs, and almost exclusively reptiles (dragons, alligators, Bowser).Why are so many furries gay, and why are more furries bisexual than gay?

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I have no reasonable explanation, but I'm sure it would make an interesting psych study. It was really refreshing to see so many people being open about who they are or want to be, and role playing is a lot of fun. I feel kind of ashamed of it, but I do get turned on by some furry drawings.