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It still feels like a massive effort to get people to use Modern apps and Windows Store, and was probably the core reason why all versions of Windows 8 shipped with the Metro interface.

While there is no direct need to leave Windows 7 at this point in time as it will receive security updates until 2020, doing so adds a couple of extra years of support before the operating system needs to be switched again.Windows 10 on top of that ships with several new technologies plus everything that went into Windows 8 including the new Direct X 12, a new Internet browser, improved security or Cortana, the digital assistant. When Windows 8 launched, I decided against upgrading the system as it felt like Microsoft left desktop users standing in the dust with it.Why then won't I upgrade my Windows 7 system to Windows 10? Especially the two-tiered interface was a problem back then.Windows 10 does away with that interface by bringing Modern Apps to the desktop.The new start menu has its issues on the other hand.

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It was previously possible to remove all Modern apps from it so that the area these apps were displayed in was removed to leave regular items that you work with.

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