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Flash Pass creates a unique digital fingerprint of a USB flash drive from the drive’s hardware ID and serial number.

Owners and sales representatives expect a decent return-on-investment for services paid.

The user receives the message and replies to accept the login request.

SMS Push is currently not yet available in the Dual Shield Platform.

You can even "invite" visitors to chat by alerting their web browser!

Live chat software improves customer service and boosts sales and leads through live interactions with web site visitors.

Flash Pass transforms any ordinary USB flash drive into a two-factor authentication device.Every USB flash drive has a unique serial number that is burned into the hardware at production.Use our live chat software to increase e-commerce sales by interacting "live" with your website visitors.This live chat service will allow you to display a "chat now with us" button on your site website visitors can click on to talk one-to-one with you or your staff.See how we compare with the competition: We are committed to providing top-quality hosted (and white label) live chat services to our customers.


If you're not happy with our live chat service get in touch with us and we'll provide an added month of free use or give you your money back.

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