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It offers four modes—home, away, vacation, and notify—and it can perform actions based on motion, loud noises, temperature changes, or the opening of a sensor protected door or window.All devices are line-powered except for the door/window sensors, which take batteries. Possible alarm actions include sounding a siren, turning lights or the dimmer on, notifying you (via phone, e-mail, or text), or letting a trusted contact know what’s going on.The components connect to the camera via the Z-wave wireless signaling scheme, but the camera itself connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network.Like the Dropcam Pro, the camera allows two-way conversation.While you have to set it to capture video during the time you want, it can also alert you of motion activity or abrupt changes in light levels.

You can also integrate the product with the Nest Learning Thermostat or the Nest Protect Smoke and CO Alarm so that, for instance, the camera can shoot and save video automatically if the smoke or CO alarm senses a problem. The camera requires AC power through its USB power supply; there’s no battery backup. Nest will let you store the past seven days’ worth to the cloud for a year; to capture 30 days’ worth, it’s 9 a year.Keep in mind, though, you might prefer that the camera not always be on, recording all that it sees and hears.The Piper classic is a combination HD camera, motion detector, and alarm that is sold by itself for 9; a newer version, the Piper nv, offers night vision and costs an additional .The package we tested includes the Piper classic plus a choice of three from a set of five additional accessories: a door/window sensor, smart switch, smart dimmer, range extender or, for installation in electrical boxes, a micro-smart switch.Nest’s camera-only product is the simplest of the three solutions, yet it has plenty to offer.

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You can stand it on its pedestal or mount it to a wall, and it will stream HD video to your phone, tablet, or computer with a 130-degree field of view and 8X zoom.

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