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TV3 said it "only carries advertisements for premium-rate telephone services that are licensed by the regulator". Ink Red said that chatline services "are provided under strict regulatory guidelines governing how the services are operated and advertised".The company added: "TV3 has always held the highest standards of advertising copy clearance and will continue to fully adhere to all regulatory requirements." Com Reg said it "understands that the 1500-numbered services that are referred to . The company added: "The comments attributed to Deputy Keating and reported elsewhere should be seen for what they are -- as ill- informed, of another era and potentially damaging to a successful Irish business of 16 years' good standing that operates fully within the law of this country and around the world." The company said that it would be writing to the Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte and the Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett to protest about Mr Keating's comments made on the floor of the Dail.where he stands on this," Mr Keating told the Sunday Independent yesterday.

I wish to make no bones about it today: given the information I have, I believe this is a cover for prostitution," he told the Dail last week.

THE scantily clad young women beckoning alluringly to male viewers to phone them -- at 97 cent a minute -- during the advertisement breaks in Vincent Browne's political debate show on TV3 may be moved to a slightly later slot following a complaint by a Dublin TD last week.

The ads have been running during the show but on Thursday night, the last of Mr Browne's late-night debates, the 'partyline' ads offering "fun, friendship and maybe more" were run after midnight when the show had ended.

Suzanne Breen A fake Facebook account, claiming to be that of First Minister Arlene Foster, contacted former Special Branch Agent, Martin Mc Gartland, and asked him to reveal the secret identity under which he is living in...

Mr Keating asked a question in the Dail, during which he said: "I do not accept for a moment that what I see on TV3 every night is not sexual entertainment services." He went on to say that prostitution is rife in the country and readily available in every city and town and it is "inextricably linked with sex trafficking".

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