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Whilst this is not a requirement in other states, it would be considered good practice to keep a record in other states as well.Organisations that hold health information must take reasonable steps to protect the information from loss and unauthorised use or disclosure.Where a 'hybrid' of paper and electronic records is used, a system is required to cross reference the records for each patient.Electronic records need to be kept in a form that allows them to be printed out as required.Subpoenas or summonses seeking production of medical records for legal proceedings should be addressed to the owner of the records.

In New South Wales, a register of all records that have been destroyed should be kept.

To ensure that electronic records are kept safe from damage, loss or theft complete backup of the computer record should be performed on a regular basis and the backup discs stored off-site.

Computers should be password protected and the passwords changed on a regular basis.

Medical records should be retained for as long as required by relevant Australian, state or territory government legislation.

Generally, this means that inactive individual patient medical records should be kept until the patient has reached the age of 25 years or for a minimum of seven years from the time of last contact - whichever is the longer.

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