Felix martinez dating profile

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Felix martinez dating profile

Knights Templar Leadership: Former school teacher Servando Gomez Martinez.Gomez was a high-ranking member of the Familia Michoacana cartel, but left the organisation following the death of leader Nazario Moreno Gonzalez in December 2010.There are seven major cartels, although allegiances shift and organisations often break into smaller pieces following the killing or capture of leaders.Since 2013, armed civilian vigilante groups have sprung up in several parts of the country to confront them.US authorities currently have a million bounty on his head.

Area of Operations: The group is believed to operate in at least 17 Mexican states and is thought to operate distribution cells across the United States.

Additionally, the group operates across Central and South America.

He is known for uploading communiqués to Youtube and has given interviews to the press, most recently to US-based Mundo Fox in December 2013.

Profile: Named after a medieval Christian military order, members of the Knights Templar have repeatedly said they are fighting for “social justice” and to protect Michoacán, and in early 2012 the Mexican army seized 120 Crusader-style helmets said to be used in Templar ceremonies.

In March 2012, the group announced a ceasefire for Pope Benedict’s visit to Mexico.

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The Knights Templar is known to be heavily involved in the production and trafficking of methamphetamine, and also traffic cocaine and marijuana. Since 2012, the Knights Templar have repeatedly clashed with armed civilian vigilante groups, who have managed to wrest control of several towns from the cartel.

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