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The very high rate of reconstruction among referred patients suggests that the majority of patient selection for reconstruction occurred with the referring physician, but the high rate of reconstruction suggests that this might be appropriate. Greenberg, MD, MPH, University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics, Wisconsin Surgical Outcomes Research (Wi SOR) Program, 600 Highland Avenue, BX7375 Clinical Science Center, H4/742, Madison, WI 53792-3284, Phone: (608)265-5852, Fax: (608)262-1842, The article by Preminger and colleagues raises an interesting and important issue—who should be discussing reconstructive options with breast cancer patients?After all, the conclusion is foregone, a referral to a plastic/reconstructive surgeon is a prerequisite for receiving postmastectomy reconstruction.Perhaps the most important finding in the article is the overall reconstruction rate of 61%.Published rates of reconstruction suggest that approximately 40% of breast cancer patients receive reconstruction.Breast surgery is in many ways the quintessential case for shared decision making.

Rather, it might be a decision of whether or not the patient desires preservation of her breast contour and, if so, the second decision point is how that will be achieved—with either BCS or mastectomy with reconstruction.As a result, for a patient to make an informed decision about the type of surgery, reconstruction must be included in the initial discussion.The role that reconstruction plays in this decisionmaking process is just being explored.In a recent study, we documented the strong inverse correlation between institutional rates of reconstruction and rates of BCS.As we all know, survival is the same after lumpectomy with radiation and mastectomy, so decisions must be made based on issues such as willingness/ability to tolerate a recurrence, willingness/ability to undergo radiation therapy, and desire to preserve breast contour.

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Surgeons tend to recommend breast-conserving surgery (BCS) when possible.