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Figures show that in 1992, 70 per cent of couples who had children after they were married stayed together until their child's 16th birthday.This increased to 75 per cent in 2006, showing that marriage has become a more stable family background for youngsters.Never-married couples who live together before tying the knot are 60 per cent more likely to divorce than those who do not.It shows that fewer than one in 19 of all couples who live together (5.3 per cent) have been together for ten years or more.The study also suggests cohabitation does not serve as a trial marriage or reduce the odds of divorce.

However, only 36 per cent of cohabiting parents stayed together until their son or daughter reached 16 in 1992.By 2006, just 7 per cent of couples who were unmarried when their child was born were still cohabiting by their 16th birthday.This figure excludes those couples who were just living together when their child was born and later got married.Around three in five couples who stop cohabiting decide to marry.It claims these costs will rise 'significantly' over the next 25 years.

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Its analysis was based on almost 30,000 family cases drawn from a nationwide survey.