Employee workplace dating pros and cons

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It can be tricky to navigate conversations about work with a loved one, and especially difficult to maintain neutrality.For both partners’ credibility and integrity, it’s important to allow strong results to speak for themselves, and to minimize any job-related impact the relationship might have. You were just sitting in a meeting, concentrating on the budget report, when boom! Your eyes linger, you suddenly feel nervous, you begin to sweat and fidget, and your mind starts to race.This new employee is gorgeous, smart, successful, and the latest star of your daydreams., 36% of Generation X employees (ages 30-40), and 29% of Boomers (ages 47-66) say they would have a romantic relationship with someone in the office.{Click to Tweet} There can be great things to be learned professionally from dating a colleague, and personal development is a result of any healthy relationship.When I was an HR Manager, transparency about relationships with leadership was encouraged to ensure we managed conflicts of interest effectively.I always advised the couples that did not want to know the details, and neither did anyone else in the office, of their relationship.Wouldn’t it feel super awkward if a colleague’s boyfriend kept showing up to the office to kiss and fight in between meetings?

Just as we don’t always like hearing all of the sappy details about our colleague’s romantic vacation over lunch, so the majority of your team may not enjoy witnessing you and their other coworker cozying up nonstop in the office and on social media.

A concern for company leadership about interoffice fraternizing is that the labor they put into running the company successfully would be compromised - decisions would be biased, important information exchanged with indiscretion, and objectivity skewed.

Stats aside, what should you The traditional taboo of office dating is clearly changing, and companies are preparing for that change. Make sure you know what your organization’s policies are around office dating, and weigh professional consequences while exploring the relationship.

Even if you decide to keep the relationship a secret, remember the people around you are smarter than you think - sooner or later, the secret might get out.

For employees in the 18-29 age range, 84% are open to being more than cubicle buddies with a coworker.

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