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While these conversations do indeed provide opportunities for an editor to provide a preliminary review of a prospective author’s publication idea, the meeting is also, in a sense, one in which the editor and the author ‘check each other out’ in a safe, controlled, and time-limited environment.

His research focuses on the historical, ongoing, and, at times, imaginary projection of social power onto spaces whose geophysical and geographic characteristics make them resistant to state territorialization.

He has been an editor with : After all, they had gotten through graduate school reading articles from the journal and we figured they must have a good sense of its content.

The sessions usually take place at conferences with each individual slot lasting around 15 minutes, giving the author and the editor a short amount of time to discuss the paper and how it might fit with the journal.

If you are interested in hosting speed reviews at an upcoming event, simply contact your publisher.

What we hadn’t considered, though, was the value of giving the journal a human face.

As editors, we establish relationships with our authors.

Particularly wary are those prospective authors who are considering a jump between disciplines (or sub-disciplines) or publishing in a language in which they’re not accustomed to writing.I’ve found that most prospective authors who attend our speed review sessions come from outside the world of Anglo-American political geography that constitutes the journal’s historic author- and reader-base.Once you have decided on a suitable location, prospective authors will be alerted via marketing channels and can either pre-book their individual session or arrange attendance once they are onsite.Editor-in-Chief John O’Loughlin has coined the term ‘speed dating’ for these speed review sessions and I think his renaming of the encounters makes sense.Philip Steinberg is a Professor in the Department of Geography at Durham University, UK, a post he has held since autumn 2013, following 16 years in Florida State University’s Department of Geography.

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Prior to Florida State, he attended Clark University’s Graduate School of Geography (1990-1996), where he received his MA and Ph D degrees, as well as teaching briefly in Bucknell University’s Department of Geography (1997).

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