Digi clock with gps time updating dating sites in kuala lumpur

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Digi clock with gps time updating

The size of the display can also be made as per your choice.

There is no need for any wiring between the clocks. The clocks can be fixed anywhere within the vicinity of 1 Kilo meter range.All the clocks will pick-up the time signals from the transmitter and will display the same time all round the year.The Transmitter can transmit the time signals to all the clocks installed at various locations in and around the building Area upto a distance of 1 Kilometer range.Every clock will have a built-in Receiver unit which will receive the time signals from the transmitter and get the time update on every minute basis. Save time and money on data cable usage and cable laying works.The Transmitter unit will also have a LCD clock with 4 line LCD display.

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This LCD clock will display the GPS time as received from the satellite.

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