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The present work is a revision of that published in 1908.

No radical alterations have been introduced, although a number of minor changes will be noted. ITHACA, NEW YORK, May 4, 1918 The present book is a revision of my Latin Grammar originally published in 1895.

I have added an Introduction on the origin and development of the Latin language, which it is hoped will prove interesting and instructive to the more ambitious pupil. Wherever greater accuracy or precision of statement seemed possible, I have endeavored to secure this.

This makes it feasible to dispense with the enumeration of many minutiae of usage which would otherwise demand consideration in a student's grammar. (Orations; Rhetorical Works; Philosophical Works; Letters). In the chapter on Prosody, I have designedly omitted all special treatment of the lyric metres of Horace and Catullus, as well as of the measures of the comic poets. Our standard editions of these authors all give such thorough consideration to versification that repetition in a separate place seems superfluous. Verb Stems The Four Conjugations Conjugation of Sum First Conjugation Second Conjugation Third Conjugation Fourth Conjugation Verbs in -iō of the Third Conjugation Deponent Verbs Semi-Deponents Periphrastic Conjugation Peculiarities of Conjugation Formation of the Verb Stems List of the Most Important Verbs with Principal Parts Irregular Verbs Defective Verbs Impersonal Verbs Agreement of Verbs Voices Tenses — Of the Indicative — Of the Subjunctive — Of the Infinitive Moods — In Independent Sentences — — Volitive Subjunctive — — Optative Subjunctive — — Potential Subjunctive — — Imperative — In Dependent Clauses — — Clauses of Purpose — — Clauses of Characteristic — — Clauses of Result — — Causal Clauses — — Temporal Clauses — — — Introduced by Postquam, Ut, Ubi, etc. In this period the language, especially in the hands of Cicero, reaches a high degree of stylistic perfection. — — — Cum-Clauses — — — Introduced by Antequam and Priusquam — — — Introduced by Dum, Dōnec, Quoad — — Substantive Clauses — — — Developed from the Volitive — — — Developed from the Optative — — — Of Result — — — After nōn dubito, etc. Its vocabulary, however, has not yet attained its greatest fullness and range. In the Perfect Subjunctive Active, the endings -īs, -īmus, -ītis are now marked long.

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The theory of vowel length before the suffixes -gnus, -gna, -gnum, and also before j, has been discarded.

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