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Is there a way to tell if the capability is there without checking the flag?So, I created a new Sbt project (with a little script I wrote, configuring the Sbt project to be a Web Project).I created a Maven project, and of top of that I created a Sbt project, which I then imported in Intelli J.The current version (14.0.2) supports sbt projects out of the box with the Scala plugin.Just install the plugin and you should be able to open up Scala/sbt projects without any troubles.I used then the sbt-eclipsify plugin to 'convert' the project for Eclipse, which I then imported in Intelli J (existing source - There are three basic ways how to create a project - modern versions of Intelli J can import sbt project out of the box, otherwise you can either use sbt plugin to generate Intelli J project, or use Intelli J Scala plugin to create sbt project.I could then easily start, stop the jetty server, and do other stuff.Basic features work out of the box using both solutions, some complex builds can have problems, so try other tools to see if it works there.

I just got started with Scala/Lift Web/Sbt developing, and I'd like to import a Sbt project in Intelli J Idea.

Actually, I managed to import my project in two different ways: 1) with Maven.

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But what if you want to know if your computer is PAE capable, but doesn't show the PAE flag?

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Intelli J IDEA has become so much better these days.

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