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And with that sort of pedigree behind it, I will say whatever the hell I think he wants to hear. When Suhl agreed to give me a few quotes for this article about his new app, little did he know that I would just copy/paste his quotes and turn the damn thing into an interview.

that isn’t going to get a phalanx of Suicide Girls to drag me into an orgy of whipping and pissing …. The app is free, but its security standards dictate that you must have had a Facebook account for over a year with at least 50 friends attached to it. So as long as you are, say, less creepy than Charles Manson, you are a candidate for this app. Did you know that Los Angeles leads the nation in standing up people on dates (10%! Of course, I then go home alone and post about it to my 50 fake Facebook friends, but that’s L. ” Said information then gets compacted into a searchable dating profile and people can then say “Let’s Date” or “No Thanks” based on your info.

If you creep out multiple daters you are booted from the system and not allowed to rejoin.

We have no ideological belief that people should be race or age blind in their dating preferences.

Using Let’s Date, you can only meet up with other daters in public places reviewed on Yelp.

Also, in order to sign up for Let’s Date, you must have at least 50 friends on Facebook and have had that Facebook account for a minimum of one year.

became famous for embracing beauty in every shape and form — meaning bodies covered in tattoos, having bright-colored hair, and being outside of traditional beauty norms were celebrated.

Sure, it is a candidate for the least interesting interview of all time, but what does he care? And if you’re going to be rich, be rich in a field where hot-ass, tattooed nudie-cutie feminists might piss on or whip you. Most mobile dating apps seem to be hyper focused on proximity.

Most of my life revolves around one thought: how can I bang a “Suicide Girl”? All you need is a smartphone, a Facebook account and 50 people who don’t think you are a total waste of existence. Of course, once on board, good luck finding someone willing to date your monkey-ass face. What’s neat is that if someone says “No Thanks” to you, they are then prompted to highlight the parts of your dating profile that make you look like a deadbeat.

Today I take one step closer, with the reviewing of this new mobile dating app, “Let’s Date.” While it doesn’t win points for having an “out of the box” name, “Let’s Date” has become my go-to device for romance because of one very important factor: Sean Suhl, the innovator behind “Suicide Girls,” is also the developer of this nifty little take on hooking up in the hot city. So now, you won’t have any mysteries about why your dating life sucks, shit-for-teeth.

However, we certainly take all of our users’ feedback into account as we’re constantly improving the app to offer the best possible product to our users.

We believe women do not choose their romantic partners based on who is closest to them.

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We believe Let’s Date helps people choose one another based on better criteria than who is nearest. There are several precautionary measurements we have in place to protect daters.

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