Dating vintage traynor amps

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Dating vintage traynor amps

The Trem-o-Verb is set quiet with a lot of gain and compression for the midrange and drive.He prefers this model because of the distance between the tailpiece and bridge, as he plays and bends strings behind the bridge.The neck on the guitar is a little thicker than an SG, and everything is stock on the guitar.The '79 Guild S-300 (middle) has hotter stock Di Marzio pickups and is used for heavier songs and songs where he is the only guitar player and doesn't need the space behind the bridge.Kim's Gibson Firebird is a current production model and has doubled strings in EEBBBE tuning ("My Wave," "Been Away Too Long").He uses GHS .009 - .046 strings with low action on the S-100.

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He also travels with the same red Firebird he used in the '90s as a backup, a Tele for a lighter sound, and a thin-bodied Les Paul Custom.

Kim Thayil's Amps Kim combines a Mesa/Boogie Trem-o-Verb combo and a Mesa/Boogie Electradyne head dialed in to complement each other.

Plus, learn about Chris Cornell's Divided by 13/Savage amp setup and new Gibson signature model, and why Ben Shepherd's go-to bass is a simple MIM Fender with minimal modifications.

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Kim Thayil's Guitars Kim's main guitar is a black '90s reissue Guild S-100 (left) that he's had since the early '90s.

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