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Previously researchers were referred to outside sources.

When one of these sources lost data through equipment failure, the need to have an in-house resource to refer to became apparent.

The labels are categorized by date range, and even identified by type (paper or cloth) and which local utilized the label.

Jai Khalsa, working as an intern while completing her MLIS at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, performed the research and created the timeline.She discusses the project below: The Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation & Archives gets numerous information requests regarding ILGWU labels found in clothing, especially time periods of manufacture.While the ILGWU archives contains thousands of photographs and documents on the union and provides information on the history and use of the union label, unfortunately material does not exist for specific manufactured clothing.But, the archives recently undertook the task to compile and create a helpful guide to assist researchers date their garments.The new Union Label Timeline provides background on the predecessors of the ILGWU label, historical information on the inception of the union label, and its use through the twentieth century.

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Most importantly though, the Timeline offers numerous examples of sample labels for comparison and identification.