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Dating vcd

The original graphic novel was first published in 1999.The characters in the novel were not given names, both characters were only referred to as "him" and "her".The film has managed to include every single image in the book with a high level of accuracy, although some are fleeting.The story tells of two people who live in buildings right next to each other, separated only by a wall, and are always near each other but can't seem to find one another.Chinese title of the book translates to "Turn Left, Turn Right", A Chance of Sunshine is the original English title of the book, on the newer published editions the English title is shown as "Turn Left, Turn Right".The book consists of a series of detailed illustrated images, with a small amount of text in poetry style.John Liu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is a violinist who works from job to job.During one of his gigs, he meets June, who offers to give him a ride home.

It is also the first Chinese-language Asian film ever from produced and distributed by Warner Bros.However she flirts aggressively with John during the ride which frightens him.To get away from her he jumps out of her car and makes a run for his apartment building.The next day he sees her waiting for him on the left corner of his building which makes him avoid going to the left of his building.) is a 2003 joint Hong Kong-Singaporean romance film, filmed in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Produced and directed by Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai, the film stars Takeshi Kaneshiro and Gigi Leung.