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It definitely will not get you from your laptop or phone to the bedroom.Body Shots Full body shots are just as important as head shots.

Guys, women go for the eyes and the smiles more than anything else you might be doing or wearing in your pictures.

Other big tips – do not use a picture in which you’ve cut off someone on the side.

Even if you are otherwise married or involved with someone, seeing someone else’s shoulder on the side just sends a creepy vibe.

No one wants visual clues or a reminder of your main squeeze.

If you’re doing the online dating site thing on a site like Hookup Melbourne ( or Hookup Perth ( pictures count … An online dating site profile with 3-5 pictures will get noticed more than fewer pictures or none at all.

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Put Your Best Face Forward Include at least one head shot in your online dating site profile. If you’re a woman, guys WILL judge you by your looks, so look your best – get your hair and makeup done.

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