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There were two speakers, Jazmin Hupp, Tekserve’s director of marketing, and Bentley Mc Bentleson, a media and technology manager at Maslansky + Partners, a language strategy company.Mc Bentleson’s job is advising clients about how to use the most effective words.

Browse any list of “best places to meet singles in New York,” Tekserve will never appear. Jazmin Hupp says, “Tekserve solves life problems in the context of technology.” Well, online dating definitely falls into this category. In 2001, she went on 72 first dates in a six month period. This year, there are again over 100 people in attendance and there are not enough chairs, so half of the audience is standing.There are a few hopeless middle-aged men, and a lot of middle-aged women. Pretty basic stuff, like show up on time and don’t sext before the date."I would also say beyond learning some great kitchen tricks and recipes it is also a great way to meet other new people in a fun environment." -Rory H.There’s always a tense feeling when shy or awkward strangers gather together with the purpose of talking to each other.It’s a diverse crowd, a mixture of young and old, hip and uncool.

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There’s the common New York City thing of beautiful, stylish young women and schlubby, nerdy young men.

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